Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Merah Semangatmu&Putih Cintamu

Sang perkasa
Berjubahkan semagat.
Seiring munculnya pesona
surya pagi yang ramah menyapa,
Ia bangkit menyuarakan secerah harapan:
Wahai tunas muda penggerak roda hidup,

Tanggalkan yang kusam,
yang kelam,dan yang rapuh.
Raih dan kenakan yang baru, yang indah,
dan yang lembut selembut sutra.
Tegoklah kedalam dan dengarlah
Suara pejuang tanah ini dahulu.
Tolehlah kebelakang,
Lihatlah apa juang mereka.
Demi sebauh nama: Indonesia,
darah merah dibiarkan menetes.

Kau bangga akan nama ini,
Kau bangga hidup di tanah ini,
Kau bangga menjadi anak negeri ini.
Apa sumbanganmu
Tuk’ pertahankan nama dan tanah ini?

Ayo, Mari Bangkit!
Sumbangkan Merah semangatmu
Serah putih cintamu,
Tuk’majunya nusa ini,
Tuk’makmurnya penghuni pertiwi ini.

Jogyakarta, 20 Mei 2007
Hari Kebangkitan Nasional.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Goddess of Rice

In countless of time
Here, in the central of the earth
She stands firmly
So astonishing
So beautiful
So powerful
And magnificent indeed.

Her open hands
Are always ready to cuddle.
Her secure womb is ready to give birth.
Her offspring feel secure when sit on her lap.
They are absolutely proud of her.

Previously, from time to time
Songs of praise were sung before her dignity,
Stories of her motherly love
Were broadcasted throughout entire land,
For she was the most highly adored Queen.

The Queen is still presence before her throne,
Yet, she seems to be ignored
Her genuine love is exploited
Her splendors are annihilated
Her beloveds disregarded her.

The tears of sorrow droop
From the discarded souls
Wanting for her warm hug,
Longing for her secure womb to conceive new life,
But will it be possible?
For the womb is fully occupied by the prodigal sons

Even if life keeps on changing,
Her name will be forever exalted
Her presence will be continuously honored
For she was, she is and she will be always
The most adorable
Goddess of Rice

Jogyakarta, February
21, 2007.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Praiseworthy Companion

Like the passing wind it comes
When it comes and goes
No one can tell
Like the rising sun were its presence
So bright and so warm.

With open hands and open heart
welcome it.
For it is such a precious gift
Send from heaven above.

Enter the friendship door greatfully
Journey it honestly and faithfully
For this precious moment is a unique one
Only for you both.

There will be a moment
When a new gift will be sent
To each one of you.
Claps the new one ,
Forget not the previous friends,
and feel sad not to say good bye
to the old one.

Just be thankful
for you are an aristocrate
of the friendship’s realm.

The friend has to live a new life
And so have you
Yet the living memory
Of the marvel companionship
Will be evermore abide in both souls.

Jogyakarta; June 28, 2007
World's friendship day.