Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Sandalwood Land

In my motherland you grow firmly
In my mother’s field you grow resolutely
How happy am I to see you grow steadily.
The big one
One, two, three…
and plenty of small one.
You make me astonished when ever
My eyes are rested upon you.
Hearing of the story about the greedy thieves
who keep on stealing you from my motherland, and
even from my mother’s field, I am cheerless indeed.
You are my proud, my abundantly heritage
I own you
I care for you, yet
too weak to protect you from the most greedy ones.
The very hope I have within me is
May your are always blossom in my motherland,
May you are not destroyed by mother’s prodigal sons.
Because of you, my motherland is well known as

Riankakore; August 2, 2008.

Yovita Un Bria

Harta Karun Bunda

Entah kemana pergi nilai-nilai suci peradaban peninggalan bunda?
Dari mulut anak-anak terungkap sejuta kebanggaan akan ajaran bunda.
Sanjungan kaum pengembara akan tanah bunda yang pernah didengar
Membuat anak-anak tertawa riang, namun entahlah kegirangan itu
meresap hingga kandungan tanah bunda?
Seakan lupa akan kata-kata bijak sang bunda,
Harta nan bernilai yang ditinggal, digunakan semena-mena hingga
Nilai-nilsi esensial yang terkandung didalamnya terlupakan begitu saja.
Kini, kala kembali ke tanah bunda
Entah apa yang dapat membuat anak-cucu tersenyium?
Yang ada hanya sebuah permenungan panjang
Untuk melestarikan harta karun bunda yang sedang terancam punah.

As Manulea; 1 Agustus 2008
Yovita Un Bria.


Langkah anggun buat memburu bahagia
Akan terus diperjuangkan.
Karena sebuah tujuan mulia,
Tantangan dan rintangan yang dihadapi tak digubris.
Ubah hidup itulah impiannya.
Tekun dan tabah adalah tumpuan perjuangannya
Untuk menggapai apa yang terpatri di hati
Selalu dalam tangan Sang Khalik ia berharap akan muzijat kebahagiaan.

Laktutus 22 Juli 2oo8.
Yovita Un Bria

Reaching the pick of Laktutus Mountain

Exited to wait for the rising sun
The reana woke very early that fresh morning
The appointed driver came late, so the first plan was unaccomplished yet,
Their very wish to reach the mountain top brought forth the willingness
to forgive the infidelity driver.
The motorcycles they drove stop right at the valley.
With an empty stomach, reana climbed up to the mountain top.
Though it was not so high, yet it took quite such energy out of them.
The sun had been up, yet from such a high place, noting could be seen
Except for the clouds and a far a way beauty of nature that brightened by the sun.
The wind was so strong and the breeze could be felt.

In such condition,
Reana set on a solid stone happily to enjoy
sounds of the wind and the harmony of universe
while chatting about prospects of life.
At the time when the beauty of the surrounding panoramas were seen
Reana begun walking and taking picture of the adjoining beauties
of Laktutus village and its mountain.

Laktutus ;July 21 2008
Un Bria Yovita.

A Cry of the Guru

Puzzled and puzzled.
How come a rotten house is still occupied by the guru?
In spite of the total self service he has done
to his beloved motherland and its people,
He is left to live in such the decayed house.
The hearts of Rules of his motherland
Have been rotten as such a house
‘Cause no good deed is done
to provide a far better home for the guru.

Wekmutis Juli 20, 2008.
Un Bria Yovita.